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Where downtown meets uptown and all avenues of life open up making anything possible. 


• Available by special order only.

• Contemporary style and modern packaging enhance room décor and hotel brand image 

• Unisex subtle citrus fragrances created with essential oils and aromatic essences 

• Made with natural Ingredients 

• High quality formulas gentle enough for everyday use. Opulent products nourish and rejuvenate hair and skin 

• Made in the USA ensuring high quality and a reduced carbon footprint shows guests you care about them and the environment 

• Sourced locally; liquids are made in New York state 

• Made with purified water to USP 32 standards in FDA registered plants at pharmaceutical standards ensures quality in products you put on your hair and skin 

• Bilingual labeling (English & French) 

• Squeezable bottles made of PET plastic (the most recyclable plastic available) 

• Bottles and cartons made with 100% recyclable materials