Board and Batten® Inspired Bath Collection

A back to basics philosophy. The “Inspired Bath” collection featuring fragrance notes of Jojoba, Lavender and Orange Blossom.

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Product attributes:

• Herbal heart notes of jojoba & lavender bring back nostalgia of the farm life & blooming fields in the desert. While top notes of fresh orange, & greens whisper through the shrubs, walk through the luscious base note’s path of orange blossom and wood.

• Formulas gentle enough for everyday use designed for unisex appeal

• No parabens, banned phthalates, or mineral oil
• No diethanolamine or formaldehyde
• Made with purified water

• Guest will enjoy the collection’s elegant, apothecary packaging design

• The collection features bilingual labeling

• 100% recyclable

• Made with purified water.

• Made in the USA.

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Dispenser attributes:

  • Tamper resistant, easy to use design
  • Durable, made in USA hardware available in a highly polished or a brushed finish
  • Secure mounting system requires no drilling
  • Dispensers available in 3 Unit, 2 Unit and 1 Unit options
  • Bottles made of PET plastic (the most recyclable resin available)

For Aquamentites fixture ordering information please contact:
phone: 925-938-2782