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The Matrix, total results™ Amenity Collection
Created Exclusively for Wyndham Hotel Group


  • L’Oréal is #1 in the cosmetic category worldwide and continuing to grow
  • Matrix is a leading professional salon brand
  • Matrix, total results™ haircare products restore distressed hair and resurface the cuticle for boosted strength and salon perfect results.
  • Subtle fragrances appeal to both men and women
  • Packaging features bilingual labeling
  • Revitalizing Soaps are enriched with all natural ingredients and a mild formula gentle enough for all skin types
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  • Matrix, total results™ So Long Damage Shampoo (champú, shampooing)
  • Matrix, total results™ So Long Damage Conditioner (acondicionador, revitalisant)
  • Matrix, total results™ Lotion (loción, lotion)

0.75 fl. oz. (22.5 mL), 170/case/caja/boîte


  • Revitalizing Face and Body Bar, Flo-wrapped, 0.80 oz. (jabón, savon), 600/case/caja/boîte
  • Revitalizing Face and Body Bar, Flo-wrapped, 1.0 oz. (jabón, savon), 288/case/caja/boîte
  • Revitalizing Massage Bar, Flo-wrapped, 1.25 oz. (jabón, savon), 288/case/caja/boîte


  • Shower Cap w/poly bag (gorro de ducha, bonnet de douche) 200/case/caja/boîte
  • Wyndham Rewards® / Matrix, White, Oval, Presentation Tray 50/case/caja/boîte
  • Refreshing Alcohol-free Mouthwash (enjuague bucal, rince-bouche) 0.75 fl. oz. (22.5 mL), 130/case/caja/boîte