Amenity Dispensers

Saving resources can be beautiful and simple.

Marietta is proud to be supporting countless properties in reaching their sustainability and financial goals with our top-of-the-line dispenser programs. We understand that this can be a big change for hotels, so we have carefully curated a high-quality offering of branded, sophisticated, tamper-resistant dispensers that will become a natural extension of your brand.

In addition to the significant reduction in plastic waste and cost-savings, hotels have found increased budget for higher-quality liquid care products for guests and time savings for room attendants. We are thrilled to be able to offer properties this opportunity to impact their carbon footprint, guest experience and bottom line with one simple change.

Aquamenities amenity dispensers:

The Aquamenities dispenser program effortlessly blends sophistication and sustainability allowing properties a refined answer to one of the pressing hotel waste concerns. This locking, tamper-resistant and easy to use design is made with high grade US stainless steel without sacrificing design aesthetics. Dispensers are available in 3 unit, 2 unit or single unit options and installation is easy with a secure mounting system that requires no drilling. The bottles are made from the most recyclable resin available, PET plastic. Aquamenities studies have shown that properties can expect an average of 40-60% reduction in cost and a 98% reduction in waste each year. An elegant step towards sustainability.

EcoEclipse amenity dispensers:

The chic, time-tested EcoEclipse dispenser program is used around the world and will help support your property's green initiatives. Made in the USA out of durable mold-resistant plastic, this program comes in 3 unit or single unit options and requires no drilling during installation. The tamper-resistant system conveniently displays recyclable 8.5 oz. PET plastic bottles which will help properties significantly reduce bottle waste and reduce amenity costs anywhere from 30% to 70%. Hoteliers and guests will appreciate this stylish, environmentally-conscious design's ease of use. An excellent example of form following function.