Let our packaging tell your brand story



A passion for innovation, aesthetics, visual communication, and exploration are just some of the aspects that fuel our creativity. Creating unique, memorable brand stories... the curve of the bottle... color palette, textures, and materials. Every nuance and detail is considered. Extending from custom branding to fragrance and formulation, Marietta’s team is equipped to exceed customer expectations.

  • Complete “turnkey,” Custom Capabilities to meet your unique needs
  • State of the art lab facilities and expert lab technicians
  • Marketing expertise in leveraging consumer and industry trends
  • Exceptional quality products and services
  • Focused on our customers’ success
  • Award-winning creative team
  • 30+ years experience specializing in Hotel Guest Amenities and Personal Care Products Industry
  • Ideation, Innovation, Implementation from concept to fulfillment
  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Packaging Design including Bottle Shapes, Bar Soap Shapes and more
  • Design & Package Engineering Expertise
  • Rapid Prototyping/Model Making
  • Digital Art Production
  • Fragrance/Formulation Development
  • Marketing/Brand Support
  • Vendor Communications


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