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Marietta’s R&D laboratories, design studio and turnkey services make us the preferred Hotel Amenities Supplier you can trust. Innovative product & packaging ideas and turnkey solutions keep our customers coming back to Marietta as their supplier of choice.

  • Industry's Largest Made in USA Manufacturer

  •  Largest Selection of Trusted Brands

  • Innovative Leader in Custom Design and Formulation Capabilities 

  • Industry Leader in Social Responsibility

  • Industry's Largest Distribution Network in North America

Product Development & Innovation

Marietta understands how much product & packaging innovation can enhance the image of your property. That’s why we’ve invested in state-of-the-art equipment and uniquely talented R&D team to serve your needs.


Research & Development

From anti-aging beauty research to cutting-edge salon formulation trends, our R&D team is at the forefront of the personal care industry. In fact, we have created completely new and innovative amenity collections for over 20 years. In addition to our R&D lab in Cortland, NY, Marietta has significantly expanded its laboratory facility in Los Angeles, CA. This allows our R&D team to create state-of-the-art formulations and innovative product ideas quickly and efficiently.


Formulation Development

Our reputation for handling brand name products under strict quality standards enables us to have access to many of the top brand names in personal care.

For those properties looking for a unique program that is designed specifically for them, we have a team of experts ready to create an exclusive program.

Marietta’s R&D director leads a team of chemists who specialize in formulation development for the personal care industry. Our exploratory & developmental research encompasses all types of formulations (hair, body and skin care) and includes expertise in natural, vegetable-based and luxury products.

Marietta maintains a pipeline of shelf-ready personal care formulations ranging from anti-aging eye creams & luxury sunscreens to volumizing hair spray and super-hold styling serums.


Package Development

Our team of packaging engineers and experts routinely develop solutions for customers looking for something unique. Our team is able to offer a wide variety of packaging options, including packaging designs that reduce waste and protect the environment.


Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Moving forward with lighter footprints. Marietta’s initiatives include: eco-friendly packaging (light-weighted packaging, post-consumer recycled materials, etc.), dedication to lower CO2 emissions, optimized use of full truck load shipments, increased use of local regional suppliers, investment in reduced energy consumption and corporate sponsorship of many local and global organizations.

Make a statement about responsibility with amenities that perform without burdening the environment. Marietta offers the largest selection of Eco-friendly Hotel Amenities on the market today, all of which are made in the USA.

Marietta offers a wide variety of packaging options, including packaging designs that reduce waste and protect the environment:

  • Utilization of PET, HDPE and other environmentally-friendly plastics instead of PVC plastic, which contains harmful dioxins
  • Use of PCR (post-consumer recycled material) in our bottles
  • Lower-cost, light weight bottle designs
  • Up to 100% recycled PET packaging capability (bottles and dispensers)


Fragrance Development

Marietta works with the leading companies in the fragrance industry to create the perfect olfactory match for custom amenity programs. If you have a specific fragrance that reflects the nature of your property, we can develop an entire program around your chosen scent

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