For a truly alive and wild fragrance experience.


Experience the natural beauty and nourishing qualities of the sun-kissed California landscape. Ojai Wild is a luxury bath and body brand distinguished for its fine botanical fragrances. Our signature Trance fragrance for Ojai Wild is a rich sensorial experience that combines the purity of nature’s raw aromatic treasures.

  • Award winning, Ojai Wild fragrances are inspired by the California landscape and the wonderous natural beauty of Ojai, California.
  • Ojai Wild - Trance collection is derived from pure tree resins and fruits that carry nourishing qualities. Benzoin has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory benefits, while vitamin-C rich Orange promotes a rejuvenating glow.
  • Our functional fragrance delivers the aromatherapeutic qualities of plant medicine, and is designed to support energy and balance.
  • It was created to express the rare beauty of natural botanical essences.
  • We only use 100% clean and natural fragrance ingredients, formulated with plant essences, essential oils and clean aromatics appealing to both men and women.
  • Luxurious, contemporary packaging depicts the language of the fragrance in a design of concentric circles to complement any room décor.
  • Easy-to-use flip-top dispensing caps and eco-conscious bulk containers.

Join our mission is to raise the beauty and vibration in the world with intention, through nature. We want to empower individuality and promote a conscious lifestyle choice through the seductive effect of mood-altering scent memory.

"My esthetic sensibilities are driven by scent and nature. It’s my passion to render the closest alignment to nature through the discovery and the authentic experience of botanical alchemy." - Janna Sheehan, Ojai Wild Founder