The #1 Brand Worldwide for Beautiful Hair

Recognized as the #1 hair care brand in the world, Pantene continues to provide proven results to travelers everywhere.

  • Since 1995, Pantene has been a “Billion Dollar Brand”
  • Leading technology enhances hair care that appeals to both men and women
  • Supported by the strength of Procter & Gamble, Pantene delivers consistent results

Today's technology allows scientists to understand the unique structure of hair like never before. The researchers at Pantene continue to use cutting-edge discoveries to create shampoos and conditioners that address specific hair needs. These formulas create hair that is strong, shiny, manageable and healthy. Healthy hair is an important part of our appearance. Everyone wants to look their best, especially when meeting new people, reacquainting with old friends or connecting with important business clients. Pantene delivers consistent quality and advanced technology with proven results. When two industry leaders like Marietta and Procter & Gamble combine their market strength, hotel guests everywhere are provided access to the top selling brand in hair care. Pantene ProV® is popular with millions of travelers who depend on looking good when they are away from home.When you provide Pantene products for your guests, you give them the best possible products to start their day.Healthy Makes It Happen.

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