A Trusted Brand for Generations

In 1955, hairdresser to the stars, Alberto, and a talented chemist changed the world of hair care forever with the introduction of Alberto VO5®. Originally created in Culver, CA, as a conditioning hairdressing for Hollywood leading ladies to offset the harsh conditions of movie sound stages, VO5 quickly became a favorite in households across the country.

The name VO5 comes from the 5 Vitamin Oils that are included in every product and are essential for healthy, beautiful hair.

In only a few short years, VO5 became the number one hair care brand in its category, and still remains a favorite today. Since the launch of the original hairdressing product, Alberto VO5 expanded their hair care line to include shampoos, conditioners and styling products that are a trusted staple for families.

5 Essential Vitamins: The secret of VO5

Just as our bodies need vitamins and nutrients to grow strong, so does our hair. Without these essential nutrients, hair can look dull or break easily. The secret to Alberto VO5’s excellent performance is providing you with the 5 Essential Vitamins™ your hair needs to be healthy, manageable and beautiful.

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