Sustainable solutions for a better today and tomorrow


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Reduction of Carbon Footprint

Made in the North America means Marietta:

  • Reduces its carbon footprint
  • Helps to reduce global pollution
  • Provides short order lead times and just in time inventory replenishment

We view sustainability as an objective rather than an outcome. We recognize that the successful pursuit of sustainability requires…

A Long-Term Perspective

  • We have to acknowledge the impact our decisions will have not just on our generation, but also their impact on future generations

An Acknowledgement of Limits

  • While technological and other developments have allowed us to take huge steps forward in the pursuit of sustainability, we have to acknowledge the limits of its growth

The Incorporation of a Triple Bottom Line Approach

  • Considering the economic, environmental, and social impact of our decisions is essential to setting our sustainability strategy

By taking these three factors into account, Marietta is able to view sustainability through a multi-faceted lens, and as a result maintain a strong focus on our sustainability objectives.


Sustainable Formulations

With our team of experienced R&D professionals and chemists, Marietta has the ability to formulate any personal care or household product your company is looking to create, including high-performance green/sustainable formulations.Marietta offers the Hospitality Industry’s largest selection of green amenities available.

Marietta’s sustainable manufacturing practices include:

  • Reducing utility usage (electricity, water, natural gas)

  • Reducing, reusing, and recycling operational waste and components

  • Partnering with vendors, community organizations and companies to optimize environmental sustainability and recycling impact

  • Offering customers innovative sustainable packaging solutions for the personal care industry.


Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Marietta offers a wide variety of packaging options, including packaging designs that reduce waste and protect the environment. We are continually evaluating and optimizing our package designs to the minimal package weight for the distribution system.

Marietta’s primary sustainability goal has been to reduce the amount of packaging… As we develop new packages, we have optimized our package designs to have minimal package weight for the distribution system. We also have the ability to use PCR (post-consumer recycled material) in our bottles.

Kim Caldwell, Package Development Manager


  • Utilization of PET, HDPE and other environmentally-friendly plastics instead of PVC plastic, which contains harmful dioxins

  • Ability to use PCR (post-consumer recycled material) in our bottles. Available for HDPE, PET and PP

  • Lower-cost, lightweight bottle designs reduce plastic usage by 360,000 pounds annually

  • Marietta tube programs are: lighter weight (vs. bottles and caps), collapsible in the landfill, are available with PCR, label can be directly screened onto tube vs. applying another label (no waste on paper labels)

  • Up to 100% recycled PET packaging capability on bottles and dispensers

  • Use of soy/vegetable-based printing inks whenever possible

  • Other sustainable packaging options


Please contact us to discuss these and other sustainable packaging options available.